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NEW! Deposit 3D macromolecular structures to the PDB

wwPDB Deposition & Annotation (D&A) System

Starting May 31st 2016, EM-ADIT will no longer accept new PDB submissions.
Depositors with in-progress sessions will be able to access and complete
their deposition sessions until September 30th 2016.

The EM-ADIT Input Tool is for deposition of coordinates fitted to EM maps. A tutorial describing the use of the ADIT system is available.

Structure Type:
Nucleic acid
Nucleic acid/protein complex


Deposition of EM maps and models is a two-stage process. Maps are archived by the EM Data Bank (http://emdatabank.org), and model coordinates are archived by the Protein Data Bank (http://wwpdb.org). Both Data Banks also record associated experimental metadata (e.g., microscope model, specimen preparation, etc.).

To simplify the EM deposition process, map and model deposition are now linked in a way that permits experimental metadata information to be entered once, in the map deposition step.

EMDEP is the portal to map deposition, the first half of the process. To begin an EM deposition, please go to http://emdep.rutgers.edu.

EM-ADIT is the portal to model deposition, the second half of the process. If you have already deposited your map and you are ready to deposit a model, please go back to your EMDEP session at http://emdep.rutgers.edu, go to the "Deposit Coordinates to the PDB" page, check the component(s) you plan to deposit as coordinate model(s), and click on the "begin PDB deposition" link. If needed, multiple EM-ADIT model deposition sessions can be launched from a single EMDEP map deposition session.

This page should be used as a portal for deposition of an EM model ONLY in cases where you do not have access to the original EMDEP map deposition session (e.g., map was deposited some time ago, or map was deposited by another author). If you need help accessing your EMDEP session (e.g., forgotten password or session id), please contact emdep@rcsb.rutgers.edu .

If you start a deposition from this page, you will need to manually enter the experimental metadata. To start a new EM-ADIT session without copying over experiment metadata from EMDEP, select the molecular structure type and press the BEGIN button.